Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey! Listen!

I am sitting in Starbucks waiting until it is time for my busing adventure to commence. Whoohoo. I'm all jittery from sugar and coffee, fucking hypoglycemia. I wish it would die, seriously. I hate having something so delicious but then accidentally having too much then suddenly my body is like "FUCK YOU BITCH" However, due to this extreme busyness in my body and mind this will be a stream of thought entry. BE PREPARED.
This woman standing near me has the ugliest crocs I have ever seen. And crocs are disgusting to begin with. PLUS she's a level seventy. How gross.
So, you need to get out of my head, thinking about other things would be nice, but then you just keep resurfacing, it'd be cool if that would stop. Mmmkay?
ONE HOUR UNTIL BUSING, whoohoo. So I can leave in like have an hour, yaay. I like doing things on my day off, makes me feel less useless.
This is a fantastic drink they made me today, that asian lady sure does know her white chocolate mochas.
Okay, to comepletely go back to the topic I'm sure no one but me really cares about. But, I'm happy so I don't care. I like that you kiss the top of my head and say cute awkward things. It makes me feel less awkward. And thank you for agreeing that I am crazy and weird, but in an endearing way. I still can't believe I embarassed myself like that infront of you "Oh my god! My Zelda game has the same sticker on the back of it too! ... Oh, right, this is my game". I fail at life sometimes.


Missy said...

Ahahah, you're all INLOVE. LOLOLOL.

Brittany. said...

Hahhaa, not for realz, but yes, I know what you mean. INFATUATION