Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too hungover for life.

I am so tired. FUCK. Getting drunk two days in a row is a bad idea, APPARENTLY. Well, last night was more so than the night before. I'm really paying for it today. I love it when it feels like knives are in my head. IN MY HEAD. Well, last night was super fun, and crazy. Haha. It's also really funny when I meet people and I'm like "Oh alright, they seem nice" then find out they're insane and hated. Haha, hopefully I am not found on Facebook. I also fail at drinking games. Except the most unique underwear, I win at that one. I just happened to be wearing a gold thong. How coincidental. I never want to drink again. Except, that's a dirty lie. Friday will be a night to get drunk. Although, at this rate you're going to think I'm a big nympho or something. I say things when I get drunk. Jeeze. We do need a phone cabinet for when we're drinking. I wanted to stop texting when I was drinking but it wasn't affecting me for so long so I figured it'd all be cool. THEN IT HIT ME. Hahaha. Anyways. Working time. Damn, I hope there is minimal packaging. I dread working right now. I'm going to pass out when I get home, I think.

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