Sunday, March 29, 2009

There is no new PostSecret yet. WTF. The benefit to waking up at 3am on Sundays is reading the new PostSecret early. Efff, bitches be slacking. Mmm, huge grocery ad this week, going to spend my entire shift hanging by the looks of it, get off at noon, yay! I'll take a hour or two nap and I will be good to go! Then I work in Floral tomorrow, even though I totally had a dream that they changed it to a desk shift. THEN, three days off! Man, I should put the Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains album into my iPod and listen to iiiit. One week!

I'm tired.

I was totally almost completely asleep last night.... And then my phone started virbrating, frustratingggg.

Time to finish getting ready for work... Sigh.

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Sheena said...

Sebastian granger is sooo scary live!!! he looked like a gay biker with his handle bar moustache, leather vest and pants and leather cop hat :S