Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am so bad at this whole doing art thing.

I hate this dumb assignment thing, my crazy witch art teacher can suck it. Except, I want a solid GPA, so she can't actually suck it, she can give me good marks. At least I got my deference done today, so I don't have to worry about That for a little bit.
Also, I forgot how charcoal gets fucking everywhere.
On an annoying note, today it seems like Facebook is infested with a certain someone i would rather it not be infested with. So, rather than being able to just comment on my friends humorous status' carefree... I still comment on them, but get to have a feeling of dread over how it will be interpreted. Pretty sure I should be allowed to comment on my work friend's Facebooks without worrying. Fuck, seriously, the world is not centered around you as much as you'd like to think it is. The time in which you had disapeared from my social networking website of choice was a really lovely time, I did what I wanted and you didn't pop up everywhere because apparently your hobbies include the internet and being a bitch. Gosh, I am friendly, aren't I?
I should probably just block her on Facebook now and maybe that would allow her to disapear, that would be nice. But, I hate appearing petty, maybe I am? Unintentionally, which I think may be the difference between the two of us.
I am 1000% happy with the person I am with for the first time ever, we don't have drama. I love it and I love him, I will not allow how much girls have hurt me in the past get in the way of this. I guess I have grown accustom to the usual cycle of girls (usually past love interests) being a great source of drama in my relationships, the fact he doesn't allow this to happen puts me on edge. My mind keeps expecting it to happen at any moment. For some reason typing this out has cleared my mind and put me at ease :) Probably why I began this blog in the beginning.
I feel pretty good about this.
Also, very excited about my next tattoo.

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