Monday, February 16, 2009


Soo, I was feeling weird and stuff last night, I'm not even sure why. Oh well.
I am so glad I have two whole hours until my shift starts, instead of having to start right now like I normally would. That would be lame! So, instead of working during these two hours I am going to work on the thing I'm giving you tomorrow (eek!) and really, really hope you love it. Please do! And I'm going to work on it after work as well. I was it to be perfect... Whatever that is. Aug, anyways, I am really excited to see you, and for us to be all cute and stuff, because we seem to be good at that. AND, Art Museum? Hellz yes!
I am really down with music right now, I mean I always am, but I have weird happy feelings about music lately... If that makes any sense?
Also, so, last night was not awkward, up until the point in the car when Allyson said "Oh, so are you two dating?" "Oh, right, Brittany you have a boyfriend!" Yeah, excellent. Oh well. Moving along.

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