Friday, February 13, 2009

I don't want to go to work. Amber's right, I should've called in saying my parents died and I need the day off. Except, then they might give me too much time off. Oh well, on Thursday I'll be glad I worked today. Yep. Baump, I need to leave for work within like four minutes. I will squeeze out every last second though.
Tomorrow is V-Day and I am quite stoked. Morning = seeing my BF for like two hours, before he has to go to work. Afternoon/evening = Amanda funtimes! :) This year will beat last year, for sure. Well, just it being a new year already beats it.
AAAAND, i really enjoy our AM talks. (not the radio frequency AM, the early morning time, like aftermidnight) It makes me happy and ah, just wonderful. I can't see how things could get much better.

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