Sunday, February 22, 2009

Right now I am too exhausted to do anything but I can't go to bed yet. I plan on going to bed at 8 and sleeping for 12 hours. That should balance out the fact I've been up since three nicely.
Moving along, Harpreet was talking to me today about how I should take advantage of the free medical I get from Safeway and use my $300 allocated for eyecare. So, I'm going to look into getting new glasses, ones I'll actually wear. Ones that will look sexay on me!
So, basically I have nooo clue what is bouncing around in your head sometimes. It seems like you're implying stuff sometimes. But, I don't know. Dang, if only I could read minds! Just, some of the things you say. I don't even know if I'm there yet. But, I'm getting there. Just, after you say some of those things there's something in the way you kiss me that leads me to believe.... Whatever, we have time to figure this out.

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