Saturday, January 31, 2009

Alcohol may cause you to forget things.

Ahh, last night was crazyy, I've been piecing the night together and here's what I kind of remember:
- Not paying for any drinks, even though I tried.
- Having sweet talks with Amanda and Sam and pre-drinking on the skytrain, haha. We are awesome.
- REALLY having to pee once we got off the skytrain and running around to find a bathroom, and almost not finding it, thank you random man who showed us where it was!
- Giving ALL my change to a homeless lady
- Chasing vodka with Malibu because we ran out of chase.
- Sara Sim and I being insane together and talking about how much we love Safeway
- Trying to help the Mexican girl feel better.
- My other bathroom friend who for some reason I thought was really awesome.
- That guy in the red sweater who told me he had a tattoo and I was really excited to talk about tattoos with someone so I sat with him and his friends for a while and he wouldn't tell me what his tattoo was or where it was. So, I left him. Until I found him again outside and he was leaving and I said he HAD to tell me, so he tried to kiss me and I hit him. Then he informed me he doesn't have a tattoo. Asshole.
- I'm pretty positive I fell at some point.
- Talking to that girl (I think her name was Jo) for a really long time and swearing we had to add eachother on Facebook, except I couldn't remember her name.
- People telling me about the cute things he said about me :)
- On the skytrain when these two guys were fighting with Paul and Craig and they almost followed us to Mikey's place, and they were yelling and shit. Assholes.
- Me being a huge jerk to Paul
- Mikey telling me about the huge crush he has on Sam
- Me then telling Sam about it.
- Constantly having people come up to me and say "Hey, I'm you're Matty's girlfriend right?" then, even though I would always tell them my name, being referred to as only that.
- Having a long talk with Danielle
- Having a long talk with Lindsay
- Wondering where Sam was half the night.
- Hanging out with some random guy from Europe who happened to be sitting near us.
- Dying from the cold.

The rest of it just blurs together, oh god. So drunk. But so much fun.

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