Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Nintendo, I hate you.

I've been really frustrated with Nintendo. Seriously. I mean, when I heard they were going to aim at the 'casual gamer' I was like 'Okay, I guess that's alright. Whatev' But, it's making me really mad. I hate the Wiimote, I have decided. It ruined everything. I'm tired of gimmicks. Every game that comes out is centered around how the Wiimote makes it alllll better. Nope, frankly, I would love to stick to my Xbox 360 or PS3. Better graphics? Better gameplay? Better selection of titles? Thank you very much. Nintendo, you are lucky you make Zelda, that's the only reason I continue to buy from you. Fuckkk. It's sad to see what was once such a great company take such a downturn. I don't care how revolutionary it is that 60 year olds are playing video games! If I'm not enjoying them, what's the point?! "Only 13% of Wii games accounted for around 80% of sales." My point exactly. Maybe I'm just bitter? I used to be the biggest Nintendo fangirl, but, recently I've found it too difficult to defend them. They are the weaker system right now. And I just don't have the fun I used to have anymore. So, yes, my 360 will be recieving my love. Microsoft keeps me warm at night.


Kørrlej said...

Games for gamers! Games for gamers!

This casual player crap fucks me off fiercely also! Pretty well all Wii games are complete crap.

Missy said...

You are being sucked in to corporate America, and I hope you have fun when your 360 red rings and Microsoft won't fix it because they're too busy making money. Microsoft isn't a GAMING company, like Fuji and Sony, it is an EVERYTHING copmany. I still have faith in Nintendo because they strictly make videogames or videogame apparel.

I agree games for gamers, but I sitll maintain that the PS3 is a really expensive doorstop/paper weight.