Thursday, January 22, 2009

I love you Fable

I finally got Fable 2. Mmm yes. I am so stoked. I'm not playing it yet because I'll never leave for work otherwise, but I read the entire manual and I am EXCITED. Lovelovelove.
I went to the Naam in downtown Vancouver the other night and it was amazing! Organic vegetarian food? Mmm yes, tofu has never tasted so good! Amazing atmosphere as well. Def will go again.
Worktime soon, I haven't done a closing shift in FOREVER, this will be odd, oh well, I love Catherine so it'll be fun. Aaand, I def need more money so working is good. I think if I have to work cash I'd rather it be a closing shift anyways. Hopefully Steve worked everything out for Tueday.
It makes me sad Tuesday is probably the next time I'll get to see you. Busy lives suck :( I miss you.

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